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    Car air management machine
    24-hour continuous governance
    More perfect interior air management solution

    24-hour continuous governance

    More perfect interior air management solution

    Parking can also be managed, it is the perfect and effective vehicle management

    Parking is also governed
    3 operating modes
    24 hours full day purification

    The vehicle starts up and the SK50 starts up with the USB

    Driving, SK50 is used for charging by USB

    Parking fire, high capacity battery life 12H

    Bio-enzyme technology
    Air pollution without secondary pollution

    Free, bio-enzyme molecules are activated by SK30,
    using car ventilation system, scattered to every corner of the car
    Wrap, actively capture formaldehyde,
    TVOC, odor molecules, germs and dust mites, engulf them
    Degradation , biological enzymes use the principle of catalytic dehydrogenation
    to degrade volatile gases into common CO2 and water in the air.

    High efficiency,low noise,quiet and peace of mind
    The lowest noise is only 34 decibels

    Do not disturb the baby's sleep, but also care for his every breath.
    The above data source is from China Household Appliances Testing Institute.

    High-precision HEPA filter

    Primary filter
    ZM plant extract factor layer
    high efficiency HEPA filter

    High energy fast deodorization in addition to aldehyde
    The removal rate of formaldehyde in 120 seconds is up to 99.8%.
    In the experimental cabin of 3m3, the initial concentration of TVOC is 3.487mg/m3 2H, the TVOC removal rate is 99.97%,
    and the TVOC concentration is close to 0. The data is from the report of China Household Electrical Appliances Testing Institute.
    1072 individual air inlets
    Air replacement for 14.3 times per hour
    Calculated by the new national standard measured data clean air volume 43m2 / H,
    1072 individual into the air inlet, the bumpy metal stripes are interlaced into 360 ° absorb the wind, quickly update the air inside the car

    Product parameters: SK50 model